Our Cooperate governance and secretarial services:

Our Corporate Governance and Company Secretary services covers:

Corporate Governance

Developing corporate governance courses and training manuals for Directors and leaders of all types of corporations, institutions and organisations.

  1. Conducting in corporate governance.
  2. Conducting courses  for Chairmen of Boards.
  3. Conducting tailor-made, client specific courses in corporate governance and leadership.
  4. Designing and developing Board Manuals and Board Charters.

Company Secretarial Services

  1. We  provide a full range of company secretarial services to ensure a company is fully compliant with an ever increasing corporate statutory and regulatory compliance regime. The proper maintenance and filing of company records are key in ensuring such compliance being among the services offered
  2. We also provide the following company secretarial services, including but not limited to: Kenyan company formation, corporate health checks, management of meetings (board and shareholder meetings) and provision of a registered office facility.
  3. Working in partnership with experienced legal practitioners and are therefore able to compliment the company secretarial services provided with expert legal advice and practical assistance to companies and their boards of directors on company law issues, corporate practice and other compliance matters