Our Scope

Based on the skills of professional actors, writers, trainers and facilitators, we work in many areas of training. We enable our clients to communicate a wide range of issues and then work with them to develop the skills needed to make change in work. We are ideally suited to help the individual explore the issues in a realistic and controllable way to achieve results and sustainable change. In order to harmonize our design with our scope, EOC uses simulation (drama based) in a broader way thus helping our clients to;

  1. Practice managing complex human interactions in a safe and controlled learning environment.
  2. Mirror the human dynamics that influence decision making.
  3. Examine the intricacies of human behavior and their influence on corporate culture and business results.
  4. Allow for a creative and present-centered process, one that transforms a problem into an insight, a habit into a new set of behaviors and a plan into a corporate.