About Thriive

Thriive is a global nonprofit organization that provides zero interest pay-it-forward loans, business support, and networking opportunities to small and growing businesses in developing countries. All loans are in the form of machinery and equipment, and are repaid by Thriive businesses through the donation of products, services, and/or job training to individuals from vulnerable communities.Thriive is currently operating in Palestine, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Cambodia , Kenya and Guatemala

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Thriive Program

Welcome To Our Thriive Program
We Improve lives in Developing World Communities
Building shared Prosperity in Vulnerable global community
We Help Businesses Create Employment
We Provide Free Technical Assistance To Businesses
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Our Objectives:

  • Stimulate business growth.
  • Create more jobs
  • Develop a culture of social responsibilty amongst small and medium sized businesses in developing countries

        Building shared prosperity in vulnerable global communities

Download Forms:

  1. Final Thriive Kenya Application Form 2018

Thriive creates jobs, lifts people out of poverty, raises standards of living, and promotes greater socioeconomic stability by supporting “missing middle” businesses. This refers to small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) that are too large for traditional microfinance loans, yet too small to apply for commercial loans.We provide the tools and resources that help businesses grow while generating social and economic impact.

Thriive provides pay-it-forward financing for production equipment to ambitious small business entrepreneurs, helping to expand their businesses and create desperately needed new jobs. Through this Thriive Capital system, loans are not repaid in cash, but instead “paid forward” with donations of basic necessities and job training to vulnerable community members.


Donating chicken to improve nutrition status of children at agape hope children centre

Through Products

Photo of Shachah water provides water to children homes in his community

Through job training

Springs jubilee college

Through services

We do this by blending two important components:

Capital and Compassion.

1. Thriive builds prosperity…
by providing Thriive Capital loans for production equipment to viable small business entrepreneurs (coupled with technical support), helping to create desperately needed new jobs and increased incomes.

2. Thriive pays it forward… with compassion,
the basis for our dynamic ThriiveCapital system. Our equipment loans are repaid (or paid forward) with equivalent donations of job training and basic necessities to community members in need.

The majority of entrepreneurs are so inspired by the impact their gifts have on others that they continue to give, transforming themselves from  someone in need to someone whose ongoing donations  reduce poverty and fortify their communities. In this way, business

Participation in the Thriive business club

  • Regular visits from the Thriive program team to monitor progress of businesses
  • Networking and partnerships
  • Free technical assistance
  • Meaningful charitable repayment as scheduled

July – Marketing the program to potential applicants

August – Call for proposals

September – Receipt of application and initial site visits

October – Finalist interviews

November – Notification to successful applicants and mandatory book keeping classes

December –January – Procurement of equipments to successful applicants

January – June – Individual training, group training and follow up on repayments